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About Psychic Realm

Welcome to the largest online psychic source for Australia. The Realm is the place you come when you are looking to enrich your mind, body and soul. It is dedicated to all the spiritual seekers out there. Whether you be a part of the community, or wanting to be touched by it.

Psychic Realm has been established with only one goal in mind. To bring you an uncensored open spiritual guide where you can find resources quickly. Whether it be information, live shows, a course or a Psychic nearby.

We share our findings from the little known to the popular. Our content comes from professionals and experts through to enthusiasts alike. In essence we provide Australia’s dedicated guide completely free at all times.


PsychicRealm.com.au is a fresh take on spiritual life in Australia. We have seen many guides and directories throughout our time. Each one brings their own life to the online world, as do we. What we aim to do differently is show no preference or prejudice to any one service or group. We believe in the community as a whole and there is a place for everyone here.

Who Are We?

We are a little different to most and do not follow the crowd. We have spent many years developing and honing our own abilities. This includes self development over many years, taking workshops, reading all there is to read, and being mesmerised by the talents of a select few. We do not provide services for a fee, but are very active in the community.  Our journey is one of self discovery and enlightenment, and this is our online home. We invite you to join us, to discuss with us, and to share. Our names are Anthony, Terry, Prue and Grace.